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What we do

Here at Bytes Unlimited, we specialize in merging our experience with your needs. We can make your company grow without the hassle of dealing with the computer side of things. We offer OnDemand services to fit your needs and your budget.

How we are different

Our unique services are that of the Traditional System Administrator role in a company. Minimize your IT Staff up to 100% of the way, if you are fully cloud based. Our rates are very competitive and fitting for the different types of services used.

How do you network?

Do you need help with setting up your office network? Do you need help with setting up Open Source Technologies, such as Linux, Apache, MySQL or OpenVPN?

How is your Security?

We believe in the HTTPS Only movement for websites. We can setup an OpenVPN server, lock down your network, help you purchase and manage your SSL Certificates. Cant afford an SSL Certificate, we can help you get one for FREE from Let’s Encrypt! We can perform Vulnerability scans and website best practice scans to ensure you and your clients are protected. Let us help you leverage tools for free like Cloudflare

Big or Small, we support you

Services we offer for any size, whether you need Home support or Small to Enterprise Business Solutions. No more do you need to pay a local person to travel to your location and charge enormous rates. We prefer to service your company in an online only or remote way. We can help you to save more money and make your setup cloud based, so you can take full advantage of the savings and conveniences the cloud has to offer.

Do you have any other needs besides a SysAdmin?

We may be specialists in System Administration, but we by no means end there. We partner with amazing Artists, Graphic Designers and Programmers to meet your needs every step of the way!

Do you have a good cloud based hosting provider?

Have no fear, Bytes Unlimited is here! We have amazing in house solution for hosting. We have partnered with an amazing hosting provider that not only offers what others may offer, but we have advanced cloud solutions for servers and WordPress.

We believe any business should take advantage of being 100% cloud by using such technologies as Google Apps or G Suite for Businesses. We can recommend the best solution hosting and cloud based tools for your specific need.

Find out all the differences we offer by checking out our blog post about it: https://bytesunlimited.com/new-changes-make-for-an-even-better-hosting-service/

Check out our Services Summary

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Operating Systems

We support the many flavors of Linux, including CentOS. We also support MacOS.



We support and recommend Open Source Database software, such as MySQL and AWS RDS



We can setup an OpenVPN server, lock down your network, help you purchase and manage your SSL Certificates



We support various Cloud Hosting providers such as RackSpace, Amazon AWS and SiteGround.


Website Management

We can help you get started in building or maintaining your site with a variety of available tools, such as WordPress, Apache, Nginx, WHM, cPanel, Wix, WooCommerce and more



We can help you eliminate bugs and fix your environment so it can perform its best. Services include Software Updates, Anti-Virus management, Malware removal and System and Server Optimizations

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Want more traffic to your site and exposure to potential business leads? We can optimize your SEO, so you are rated high on Google and Bing


Hosting Services

We have partnered with SiteGround, to offer you the best hosting experience, whether you want a dedicated server, cloud server or a shared server for your data or websites. Dislike cPanel? We have a custom solution to make that style of service way easier and more efficient


Speed and Caching

We have some amazing tools to speed up your site and make it load faster than ever. We optimize images, leverage in-house caching algorithms, speed and performance gains by connecting WordPress with our reverse proxy caching system set up on our servers