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Managing a Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB) can be a lot of work. Let Bytes Unlimited take care of the IT needs of your company. Profession and managed SysAdmin Services OnDemand.

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We Manage Your Systems Fully So You Can Focus On Your Business

Need to optimize the cloud? Want to save on costs of in house IT teams? Need professional IT services that can support you remotely anywhere in the world?


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Cloud Services

We support various cloud hosting providers such as RackSpace, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SiteGround. 

AWS Certified

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified to make sure you are getting a real professional that configures, tunes, optimizes and manages your cloud account securely and to save the most from your budget.


If you are a smaller business that just wants a website without the costs. andfull setup of the cloud, we recommend SiteGround. They are a great web hosting provider especially for WordPress websites.

Cloud Optimizing

Do you want to move to the cloud? Do you need help tuning your cloud infrastructure or cloud services? We can help, on demand of course!

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is supposed to be easy but many developers complicate it so you hire them instead. Let us help!

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Sometimes all you need is occasional help that is reliable and predictable. Monthly maintenance plans start at a fixed rate per month.

Security Updates and Patching

Our WordPress monthly maintenance plans all revolve around securing your wordpress installation, users and forms. We keep things up-to-date to avoid Zero-day exploits and major vulnerabilities.

Testing and Improving

Monthly maintenance plans allow us to safely test changes made, whether they are from WordPress plugins, themes, WordPress releases or even the underlying PHP, Linux and MySQL supporting your backend. Know the impact so your users are not affected.

Cyber Security

A very common form of malware is constantly on the news, Ransomware. Let us help you achieve the most secure configuration.

Compliance and Regulations

Are you an E-Commerce company needing to comply with PCI-DSS? Are you in the medical industry and need to meet the HIPAA standards? We can help secure your infrastructure. 

Modern and Secure Best Practices

Most developer agencies do not secure your installation out of the box. Many do not even have the needed skill if asked. We harden your website and underlying infrastructure to meet best practices and can review the configurations and potential impact with a security compliance audit and check.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Phishing is the leading cause of the majority of cyber attacks. Keep your users aware and ready to defend your business. The first line of defense can we referred to as the human element or the Human OS.


What People Are Saying

Bytes Unlimited provides you will all sorts of Web based service. Anthony Affee is extremely knowledgeable, affordable, honest & reliable. I recommend Bytes Unlimited for not only web based services but much more. Give them a ring!

Edward R. Yarc

Martin Bros.

Bytes Unlimited hosts my company’s WordPress website and actively maintaince and optimizes it in our behalf. They even keep our local SEO at top notch so Google My Business and Bing Places stay fresh and search results rank good. I should have hired them first!

Joseph Dufresne

Commercial Cleaning of San Diego

Bytes Unlimited hosts all of my company’s small WordPress clients. Before we moved to their managed hosting on SiteGround, I had to call for help all of the time. With business expanding, I couldn’t spend anymore time dealing with web and server issues myself.

Ronnie Affee