New Changes Make For An Even Better Hosting Service!

New Changes Make For An Even Better Hosting Service!

New changes make for an even better Hosting Service!

One of the common problems that exist these days is that Web Hosting is everywhere. You have some big named hosting like Amazon or RackSpace or even Google. But are these services really good for you and your hobby or your business?

This seems to be a challenge for many that are new to this space or that are looking for a change from the old way of doing things, such as physical hosting like On-Premise or just looking to minimize expenses and staff needed to manage physical hardware in the office. The cloud is all the talk these days but we are going to look into more about simple hosting, but even more important, secure hosting.

The Dilemma

Hosting in the cloud should simplify things, but does it? The new trends with Website and Data hosting should be more secure. The cloud should offer easy to use services that require little or no technical in house IT Staff, resulting in more savings and more Do-It-Yourself tools.

Where to Start

Try to Google Web Hosting, how many different options appear? Some of the first may be GoDaddy, Host Gator, Google Cloud (Advertising their own services…), Amazon AWS Solutions, etc.

First step is of course, know what platform or style of hosting you use or will use. Then determine your budget, whether you are going to do it yourself or you are going to hire out (That can be a Dilemma in and of itself).

Got any recommendations from friends or business partnerships on what they use or swear by as the best service? How does security play into your business strategy with many people being hacked or ransomed for their data? What about SEO and site speeds?

SysAdmin or No SysAdmin?

Most companies will hire a hosting provider to do all the behind the scenes work and it usually is done by some cookie cutter setup, not individual. Or more commonly, many may hire a Web Developer or Designer to do it all. This may lead to more paid work, cookie cutter setups and even poorly or inaccurately setup sites and servers that will lead to poor performance, clunky sites and increase downtime on minor upgrades.

The role of a SysAdmin these days, among other things, is to support the infrastructure behind the scenes so you have less worry about how things are done and the Web Developer can have a properly working space to waste less time and be more efficient. Your customers will thank you as well, as your site will be more secure with their data.

At Bytes Unlimited, we specialize in System Administrator as a Service (My New phrase). Having a tech support expert On-Demand with knowledge outside of coding a site, a SysAdmin is the best.

Now on to Bytes Unlimited’s Recommendation, among others

So you made it this far and are interested in getting closer to a final solution based on a few more details. Excellent!

To keep things simple, stay away from Amazon AWS, they have been setting things up to be less secure out of the gate and this has led to many sites and companies losing valuable data easily. If you want more info, check it out here! Or just Google, AWS hack.

Not to mention, they have an aggressive ecosystem that locks you in as it were and you have many hidden charges that appear. Not for small companies or beginners, it does have its place though, don’t get me wrong. I do use them to help a few of my clients.

We have partnered with SiteGround as our number one go to company. If you want amazing, I mean amazing customer service that is fast, knowledgeable and helpful, that is a no brainer for me. Lets list a few things they exceed in, some of which just received a major overhaul this year to make it even easier for the average non-technical user:

  • Amazing support – As we mentioned, they have an amazing response time one each channel – Live Chat, Ticketing System, and Phone, 24/7!
  • Opportunity to host multiple websites – while on the StartUp plan a user can host only one website, the GrowBig and GoGeek plans allow a user to host more than one website under the same hosting account. No more sharing full access to developers or support staff.
  • Supercacher tool – this is an in-house tool developed by SiteGround that manages to speed up the website several times and also optimizes the SEO and Google ranking!
  • Free back up service – Cant go wrong here. Backups don’t count against your stored data limits.
  • The newest WordPress versions – Always on top of latest version support
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL – All SiteGround customers can use the secure HTTPS protocol with FREE SSL Certs.
  • Auto-updates – One less thing for you to worry about.
  • One-click auto-installer for WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Free CloudFlare CDN – More speed, site security and DDoS protection.
  • SG Optimizer plugin – the WordPress websites run super fast on their platform.
  • The WordPress migrator – allows the client to transfer easily their WordPress website to SiteGround.
  • WordPress Starter plugin – makes the process of launching a fully functional site a lot easier and faster.


We may have not listed the many pros and cons of every provider versus this one, SiteGround, but do we really need to? If you are interested, there are many articles on their site and reviews from many others online supporting them.

So if you are interested in their amazing services, contact us to do the managing for you or sign up directly: